Eco-responsible approach

Eco-responsible approach

July 25, 2022 2022-07-25 13:36

Environment and eco-responsibility

We are fortunate to live in a natural environment, which remains preserved. Because we want your stay to be as environmentally sustainable as possible, we make sure that La Quintarde is as eco-responsible as possible on a daily basis and reduce our impact on the environment.

La Quintarde is equipped with:

  • taps with aerator to limit the flow and consequently the water consumption,
  • showers that limit water consumption compared to a bathtub,
  • a well that collects rainwater for use in the vegetable garden and fruit orchard,
  • an electronic sensor, to control our everyday water consumption and facilitate the detection of any leak,
  • a dry steam cleaner, Vapodil, which cleans and naturally purifies the air in the bedrooms and rooms of the house, aerates pillows and cushions, disinfects mattresses, kills dust mites and possible bed bugs… and above all, does not require any products from the chemical industry, only 1 liter of water per room,
  • a solar-wind drying system, as soon as the weather allows it (some call it a “clothesline”) which limits the use of the electric dryer,
  • recycled furniture to which we give a new life,
  • a compost for all organic waste,
  • bins for the selective sorting of glass, paper, plastic…
  • refillable dispensers for shower gels,

We commit ourselves not to use any phyto-sanitary product (pesticide), for the maintenance of the Quintarde garden.

We thank you for accompanying us in this process, by ensuring that :

  • Turn off all unnecessary lights, lamps, and lighting,
  • Do not unnecessarily extend your time in the shower,
  • control your use of not only towel dryers, but also bath towels.

We do not inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children. (African proverb, quoted by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in “Terre des Hommes”)

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